Since 2014, Maggie McFly’s has proudly been serving great wines on tap that ensure superior wine quality and taste from the first glass to the last. Most recently we have teamed up with the Gotham Wine Project, located in New Jersey. Not only does the Gotham Wine Project offer superior wines on tap, but they have also eliminated almost 1 million glass bottles and more than 600 tons of glass and cardboard from the waste stream.

In our continued search for a great brand to offer our guest, we met with the progressive team from the Gotham Wine Project. Together, we hand selected the Rancho Rodeo brand. Their wines are soulful, and come from the Circle K Vineyard in Lodi, California. The Rancho Rodeo products are never bottled, only produced in kegs making it not only Eco-friendly, but also very exclusive to Maggie McFly’s in Connecticut. Please enjoy!